Call of Duty®: Warzone™ 2.0 DMZ Season 03 Overview (2023)

DMZ - history so far

Faction warfare rages across all restricted zones, and it's up to you to make your claim in this seemingly endless global power struggle.

Season 03 forCall of Duty®: Warzone™ 2.0this is the perfect time to drop into the DMZ as the experience will feature several new features that will fundamentally change the way operators can source contraband, keys and other gear. If you're interested in a high-stakes mode with loads of permanent rewards, this seasonal update is a great starting point - or spawn point - with some new ways to store valuables, edit contraband, and bypass - or bypass - zone restrictions.

So far, four factions are vying for control: the Legion based somewhere in America, the White Lotus with ties to Asia, the decentralized organization Black Mous, and the Crown, apparently originating from or linked to Britain.

The Legion quickly became corrupted upon learning what was in the various restricted areas as they drove out the White Lotus, who eventually fought for revenge. Black Mous, meanwhile, remains in the shadows as he plots his ultimate power play, while the rookies known as Crown are also well on their way to fulfilling their own plans...

In addition to everything our operators have to come up with on their own, here's everything you need to know about the Demilitarized Zone in Season 03:

stock market

In addition to being essential mission items, most of the non-lethal collectibles in the DMZ will have a different purpose when the Season 03 Update goes live:

In each Forbidden Zone, in addition to buying gear and weapons with cash, all Shopping Stations have a new option: Trade. This is where you use "Recipes": they give the operator instructions, including a list of components, on how to build new equipment that may be more useful to your current situation. In other words, barter is the exchange of items for others. At the start of Season 03, some trade recipes will be available for most of the new plate carriers and backpacks (later in this review), killstreaks, self-revival kits, and keys. However, each exclusion zone has its own trade options at its buy stations, which adds another extra element to fully explore everything in the DMZ.

Season 03 introduced dozens of item trading combinations, meaning anyone can memorize these recipes, share them with teammates, and search for specific items to load them with loot. Since these provisions range from Operator items such as bomb drones and self-revival kits to other essential keys and items, the Barter system is ready to help Operators stock up on these hard-to-find items and reward them for looting.

contraband workshop

Another new feature in the Buy Stations - which are located near rather than next to them - are workbenches.

For a small monetary fee, the workbench allows the operator to attach accessories he has unlocked for any weapon platform to smuggled or insured weapons. Operators can also remove them piece by piece. These workbenches offer this hardware replacement service, but at a price that takes into account how much a weapon's strengths and weaknesses can change depending on what attachments you have or what has been removed.

The most obvious example is attaching what you consider most advantageous to smuggling weapons, because such weapons most often do not have all five of the attachments you are looking for. Some extras you might want to consider include silencers, which are great for stealth, and thermal optics, which help you see through smoke or target targets more easily thanks to their thermal signatures.

However, every DMZ operator knows that a Vaznev-9K with a high magnification scope or an RPK with a 30-round magazine may not be the most ideal accessory combinations for typical use of this weapon. For these and other cases, especially smuggling from other operators, the workbench will help you get rid of those attachments and bet on the ones you feel more secure with.

Active slots of operators

Definitely one of the biggest changes to the DMZ since its inception, Active Duty Operator slots are a key part of the core value of this experience of taking calculated risks for amazing rewards.

At the start of Season 03, each player will have three Active Operator slots, which is equivalent to three separate Operators with their own Soldier items. These items include a backpack, plate carrier, killstreaks, self-revive, and a gas mask. You can freely exchangeWHOThese operators are in your active slots. So if you have the default Operator skin for a while and choose Alejandro or Valeria in the Battle Pass, you don't have to worry about losing progress in that Active Duty slot.

Before starting the game, select which active duty operator you want to place in the Exclusion Zone. Whatever they bring back that isn't part of the global loadout - primary, secondary, lethal, tactical, and field upgrade - is only for that particular active duty operator. This means that smuggled weapons are shared between active-duty operators, but keys are not.

As we suggested inour classifieds blog, slots for active operators allow for strategies centered around specific operators in specific missions or deliveries. Another way to think about it is that active duty operators "live" in the DMZ, but let's remember again the basic part of "taking calculated risks" in the DMZ. Each operator's life is separate and can easily return to the initial state.

In other words, using only one master operator - like in the DMZ before this update - can limit you to strategies like securing a gun case.

New equipment - plate carriers, backpacks, rebreathers

What will these active duty operators bring with them from the restricted zones? In addition to the plethora of existing Soldier items, there will be several new items at launch and throughout the season:

New Backpacks - Safe and Scavenger

Secure backpacks, as the name suggests, secure items between runs. This means that these are non-smuggled and non-soldier itemssaved in your inventoryand don't convert to XP when unpacking. Plus,Items in the Secure Backpack stay with that Active Duty Soldier after they are eliminated in the Extraction Zone.

Probably one of the biggest game changers in the DMZ alongside Active Duty Operator slots as it can help with supply runs and mission objectives. Both come from the same idea of ​​perseverance: in the DMZ, you have to complete missions and tasks, even though you're knocked down at times.

Even if you lose a key mission item, the Secure Backpack is still there with the Secure Backpack (remember there's a trade-in recipe for that too).

Scavenger Backpacks remove that third weapon slot typically found in medium to large backpacks and add extra item slots. Perfect for completing missions when there are a lot of valuable items to collect.

New record carriers: Tempered, Revive, Comms and Stealth

You may already know the hardened plate carriers from last yearCall of Duty: Warzone, but in case you need to re-evaluate the information, we wrote about it in our tactical overview. As for other DMZ-exclusive drive media, here's a quick overview:

The 3-Piece Med Vest grants faster revives for teammates, as well as faster self-healing when using the Self-Revival Kit. A vest helpful at all times, but especially great for those who find themselves in the role of a ward medic.

The 3-plate communications vest is like a signal booster and has several advantages: it increases the duration of all UAV tech - killstreak, UAV towers and enemy radio stations dropped by AI - and allows them to act as advanced UAVs, meaning they are also displayed direction and player location. As another bonus, the vest also gives an audio signal when an enemy operator is nearby, such as the audio version of the High Alert perk. This can be especially good for solo runners, as they can offset the communicative advantage that a duo or trio offers.

Finally, a stealth plate carrier is integrated into the Ghost Perk that keeps you off enemy radars. Built for times when keeping a low profile is essential to the mission.

Also, keep an eye out for the armor pouches that will be returning during the season...


A brand new field upgrade that you may remember when you first saw it in a raid episode. The rebreather was built for amphibious operators navigating various waterways in Al Mazrah and Ashika Island.

This tool allows operators to breathe underwater for extended periods, which is ideal for stealth infiltration or difficult maneuvers where air is limited. Like a stim gun, it has multiple uses before it expires, and can even be used as a two-handed melee tool in an emergency.


Those familiar with the term know that a skeleton key can open (almost) any door in the DMZ. The only exception is the access key to building 21; While you cannot get a placement in Building 21, you can open any door that requires a keycard or key in Building 21 or other restricted areas.

These keys can only be created using a special trading system recipe. Since every item in the DMZ can be important, and bartering means losing items to craft others, it's best to keep them for those that are extremely hard to find... Or use them as a backup for missions that require a specific key.

What to expect from the new missions

DMZ Season 03 will not reset mission progress.Additionally, the new REDACTED faction, available to all players, will have three mission tiers available at the start of Season 03, with two more coming mid-season.

Something else about the activities of the DMZ

Remember that missions are not the only thing to do in the DMZ. New bosses, as well as something completely [[REDACTED]] that will happen in the middle of the season, will surely bring even more challenges and rewards to all operators.

supply contract

Most operators playing Battle Royale know the details of supply shipments, but now these contracts go to the DMZ and are similar in name only:

The Supply Run is a great deal to prepare for if your active operator is brand new. Think of it like breaking into lower-rate safes: instead of iron safes, all your operator has to do is find wooden crates. All items can be taken with you free of charge.

Birds in the sky - New vehicle, Exfil option

The Heavy Chopper is back, and in Season 03 comes a new way to privately exfiltrate the DMZ Restricted Zone: both can help you exfiltrate safely.

First, Heavy Chopper seen inside in Ground War and InvasionModern War IIwill increase the range of aircraft. Unfortunately (for you) the fuel is completely depleted, so operators have to find its special fuel at the airport to get airborne.

Once the Heavy Chopper is filled with fuel, it can fly around the map and even across national bordershow to exfiltrate for free anytime. After leaving the borders, you will see a countdown as with a normal exfiltration, until you finally receive the same treatment as a successful exfiltration.

Another new feature is the new Buy Station item known as private exfil. Once purchased, exfil is available in an unused exfil point (for that match) on the map. Consider this as an additional escape route if needed, especially in prisoner rescue contracts.

upgrade toModern War IIto be rewardedwar zone2.0

Not experiencedModern War IINadal?

You lose Premium XP while playingwar zone2.0, as well as the Crown Faction in the DMZ, which has its own missions and rewards in addition to the three main factions.Modern War IIit also offers quick ways to upgrade over 50 weapons in multiplayer and special operations, multiplayer ranked matches and exclusive rewards, as well as the ability to unlock 14 exclusive operators that can be used in both games.

Plus those who own itModern War IIcan access content that is part of Season 03, including the return of Gunfight, new Special Operations content such as missions and raid episodes, and nine additional multiplayer maps for Gunfight, Core 6v6, and battle maps for immersive ground clashes .

be cool

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